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6 thoughts on “ Obsessions - xCrymore / [dying:dust] - Split

  1. And adjoining the skin of the fingertips, scraped by the nails, perhaps there should be huge silken beaches of skin, taken from the inside of the thighs, the base of the neck, or from the strings of a guitar. And against the palm, all latticed with nerves, and creased like a yellowed leaf set potter’s clays.
  2. Jan 01,  · January discount campaign! Ok guys, we decided to give all of you a nice gift! Until the end of January, every order placed via Facebook or e-mail .
  3. New ExperimentalNoise release from USA. By amazing musician Ploof. Harsh Noise Wall, Cut-up and other styles at only three tracks will satisfy to the most different noise-preferences.
  4. At the touch of a button, these sank away, and the top of the camper rose and split and folded to two sides. A pedestal with a bazooka-like tube rose up from the floor, and then the tube telescoped outwards. At the same time, a section of the floor opened, and a replica of .
  5. 8-bit / Noise / Lo-Fi music project based in Omsk (Russia). Active since as Волшебная лампа Аладдина, changed name in (Спутник), (Ванкувер and finally Vlad Shegal).Vlad Shegal is the founder of Sputnik Records (6).
  6. way's it to your responses. Suicidal! Will I remember you once, when it was itself, someone talks of stages. state of power — as not just a color of changed: there magical noise.

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