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9 thoughts on “ Summer of Y2K - SonicBlu Darkfold - Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use

  1. The beach releases me from all my responsibilities, so I try to visit the beach every summer at least once. I feel that all work and no play can be socially unhealthy. There should always be time for letup. The shadows of birds flying towards the sun made me think if they were never going to stop until they actually reached the sun.
  2. Keep Frozen Until Ready to Use is the third studio album of filk songs recorded in by SonicBlu Darkfold and released in June of The release of this album was highly anticipated by many members of the furry fandom, and a few of the first print run Artist: SonicBlu Darkfold.
  3. I like that she braided the edge by keeping the two layers of fleece together and treating them as one. It looks so much neater. I also love the colors--my wedding colors! Elemental Carbon: Fleece Blanket with Crocheted Edge // DIY.
  4. "Alas, summer sun can't last forever. The days " - Sarah MacLean quotes from symphonic.samulrajasflamehuntersindragon.infoinfo "Alas, summer sun can't last forever. The days will grow cooler and shorter, and our skin will once again pale." - Sarah MacLean We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us.
  5. “Lance,” Pidge called after him troubled. She was ready to follow her friends in need. However, Keith cut her off doing precisely what she was just thinking of doing as well. Although neither of them were able to do anything. Shiro immediately blocked their path from going after Hunk and Lance.
  6. SonicBlu Darkfold, or just SonicBlu, is a recording artist that portrays a Dilophosaurus (dinosaur) character online, but a bear in fursuit, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA. For many years of SonicBlu's career he hosted an online radio show called the "Time Machine Show" playing anything from greatest hits to songs lesser known on albums.
  7. That is until he had to buy an expensive arse telescope and textbook. But he's here, and he's doing it, because apparently the professors cool, and the class is relatively easy to pass, all as long as you stay connected in the online forums and learn to use your planisphere correctly.
  8. I'm highly outnumbered as I'm the only Android user and even though I constantly state that Apple have only recently entered this field they just like to keep bragging etc! Anyway it doesn't bother me, I miss it at times but I just carry a PowerBank now in my bag and use that once I've played a .
  9. These colorful summer bracelets you can stack are just perfect!Even though the weather is still cold here, I’m already planning my spring and summer wardrobe. You may have seen the photos I’ve posted on Facebook about the Get Your Pretty On style challenge.

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